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The Keio University ID Card, The Campus Card or The Library Card is required for admission to the Library.


Borrowing Books/ Renewal of Loans

Take your ID card (One of above three cards) and the material you want to borrow to the Information Desk on the first floor.
There is no limit on the number of items you can borrow. Lending periods are listed below.

Material TypeLending PeriodRenewal
Books 90 days 365 days
MMLS 14 days 90 days
P-Books 14 days 90 days

Master's Theses (TM)
Doctoral Theses (TD)

7 days 21 days
Periodicals 7 days 21 days
White Papers (WP) 7 days 21 days
Year Books (Y) 7 days 21 days
AV Material (CD/CT/DV/VT) 7 days 21 days
  • *Some material (periodicals, dictionaries, DVDs, etc.) cannot be taken outside of the library.
  • You may renew materials via the KOSMOS My Library .The loan period for a renewed book is the same as its initial loan period, counting from the day of renewal. You may not renew materials that are requested by another user.

Returning Books

Confirm the due date on the Due Date slip or on "My Library", on the Keio Single Sign-On System (

Return books at the Information Desk.

  • Overdue fees of 10 yen per book per day will apply when books are returned after the due date. Overdue fees will also accrue on library holidays.
  • Books can be returned to Media Centers at other Keio campuses. Be sure to confirm opening days and hours as they may differ according to each Media Center.
  • Periodicals, year books, white papers, AV material and CD-ROMs cannot be returned to Media Centers at other Keio campuses.

Reserving Books

It is possible to put a reservation on material that another user currently has out on loan by any of the following three methods.

  • 1. Sign-on to "My Library" ( from the search results on KOSMOS, and make a request.
  • 2. Submit a Book Reservation / Interlibrary Loan of Books request form online from the SFC Media Center website.
  • 3. Fill out an "Interlibrary Loan / Reservation of Books" request form from the Information Desk (1F) or the Reference Desk (2F), and submit it together with your campus card or SFC local library card.

You will receive notification by email when the item you requested is available for collection. Lending procedures can be completed when you collect the requested item at the Information Desk (1F).

  • Requested items will be kept for seven days (excluding library holidays).
    If the item is not collected within the seven days, it will be returned to the shelves.
  • Please inform staff at the Information Desk if you no longer require the requested material.
  • Some serial publications, such as periodicals, white papers and year books can only be collected at the SFC Media Center.

Lost or Damaged Material

Please handle all library items with care, and promptly inform staff at the Information Desk of any lost or damaged material. You may be asked to pay for damages, depending on the situation and the condition of the item.

DVD and CD Usage

You can use the monitor booths in the Open Area on the first floor to view movies or listen to music belonging to the SFC Media Center.

Computer Usage

Use of Media Center Computers

Library computers are located in the Open Area on the first floor. A network account issued by the Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center (SFC-ITC) is required to use these computers. Refer to the Account information on the SFC-ITC webpage.

Printers can be found in two locations within the SFC Media Center. A network account issued by the SFC-ITC is required to use these printers.

Use of Personal Laptop

You can bring your own laptops into the Media Center. Note that personal laptops cannot be used in Carrel Room B, on the third floor.You can log on to the network from your own laptop with a network account issued by the SFC-ITC.

Refer to the Account information on the SFC-ITC webpage.


Copy machines located in the SFC Media Center can be used only for photocopying library items. Photocopying of non-library material is prohibited by the Copyright Act.

  • Self-service Photocopying. Fees: Black and white - 10 yen/page; Color - 50 yen/page
  • You can use copy cards or coins to make photocopies at copy machines. Copy cards can be purchased from the vending machine beside the copy machines on the second floor (South).
  • You can use your campus card to make photocopies at the copy machine in the Microform Reader Room on the second floor (North).
    Refer to the Floor Map for copy machine locations around the SFC Media Center.

Printing Class Materials

Ask a Librarian

If you are unsure how to use the library or find information, please consult a librarian at the Reference Desk on the second floor. (Monday-Friday, 9:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

You can also use the Ask Us! Online Reference form to submit an enquiry online.

If You Cannot Find the Material You Are Looking For

Request to borrow from other libraries

You can request books and photocopies of literature from other Keio Media Centers (intramural), as well as non-Keio libraries (extramural). Refer to Request / Ask a Librarian for information on ILL Book Requests and ILL Photocopying.

Visiting Other Libraries

Class Assistance

Reserve Material Requests

Purchase Requests

The SFC Media Center purchases books, periodical subscriptions, and other material to support educational and research activities at Shonan Fujisawa Campus, in accordance with Collection Development Policies (in Japanese only).

You can make a purchase request for material that is not available in the SFC Media Center collection, but that you require for research, or wish to recommend to students. Refer to Purchase Requests for details.

Donation of Material

The SFC Media Center accepts donations of books and other material produced by faculty members for its collection. Please contact the Technical Section of the SFC Media Center when you publish a new book to donate it to the library collection.
Technical Section Tel: 0466-49-3431 (ext. 52508)

Seminars On-Demand

The SFC Media Center holds seminars about how to use the library and search the databases as required.
The seminars can be catered to fit course content and seminar themes. It is also possible for library staff to visit classrooms and research labs to conduct these seminars. Please apply in groups or classes with same theme.
For more information, refer to Seminars on Demand or enquire at the Reference Desk.