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About Remote Access

Remote Access to Electronic Resources

The e-resources (databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.) provided by the SFC Media Center can be accessed outside the SFC campus, for example from the user's home. Remote access to e-resources is provided by the Media Center to users who are:
  • students, faculty or staff at SFC, and
  • using the resources for academic or research purposes.

Certain services are only accessible from on-campus. To determine whether a given service is available by remote access, check the Database List and E-Journal list.

Database List
An EJ_Remote.JPG mark in the right column indicates that remote access is available.

If no EJ_Remote.JPG mark appears, remote access to that database is not available.

Electronic Journal List

An EJ_Remote.JPG mark in the right column indicates that remote access is available.

How to Use Remote Access

There are two types of remote access to SFC e-resources: service and VPN service.

1. service

You can use the service to access e-resources. Login (Category > Media Center > E-Journals/Databases) User's Manual

2. VPN service

You can access e-resources via the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, which directly remote-accesses the CNS network.
Use of the VPN service requires a CNS account. To obtain a CNS account, contact the Information Technology Center (ITC).

Note: IPSec VPN does not work when you access databases, E-Journals or E-books. Please use Web-VPN.

Accessing E-Journals / Databases via Web-VPN

1. Access Web-VPN site and click "Media Center" icon.

2. Using databases (A) : Select "Database NAVI(Database list)" under the Find/Search Menu.
Using EJ/E-book (B) : Search KOSMOS by Journal / Book title.


Some databases couldn't work correctly when accessing via Web-VPN. If you have a problem to access, please use service mentioned above.

When Asking for Help

For help, contact and provide the following information:

  • The OS you are using (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • The Web browser and version you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Whether you are using a login or a Web-VPN service
  • Name of database or e-journal service you could not access
  • Detailed description of trouble
  • Whether or not you could access other databases or e-journals