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Find out how to get the information and material you need for your university study, research methods and report writing.

Library Orientation

Do you have any trouble with finding materials? We will introduce you how to find books, journals and articles in 30 minutes.
You can apply by yourself. Please bring your laptop.
The orientation takes at the Reference Desk or the Event Space, 2nd floor.
Please apply at least 3 days in advance.

Seminars on Demand/Library Tour

We will provide seminars, database workshops and library tours for finding research materials in accordance with the theme of the research group. You can combine bibliographic search seminar and library tour, or combine literature search and workshop of citation management tools, and you can freely arrange according to your wishes. Please apply at least 1 week in advance.

- Bibliographic search seminar for freshmen in the research group.
- Workshop on specific databases and tools such as Mendeley, Refworks, Nikkei NEEDS
- Seminar on research writing by Writing and Research Consultants
- Workshop on writing cited reference
- Tour for introducing materials and services in the Library.

Please apply by more than 3 people group or a class


KITIE is a web tutorial system for freshmen and sophomores to acquire "information literacy".