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Floor 2F

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Group Study Rooms



The group study rooms provide spaces for group discussions. They can also be used for individual reading and study. Group Study Room A is on the 2nd floor and Group Study Room B on the 3rd floor. They are open to all Media Center users.
In addition, the Vista Room on the 4th floor is available for use by study groups. Reservations for the Vista Room are required one day in advance.

  • Loud voices or noises that disturb other users are prohibited.
  • Food (including snacks) is prohibited throughout the Media Center.

Multimedia MultiLingual Space


SFC's multilingual environment takes shape at the MMLS. The multipurpose room in Media Center is a space for new learning, and a real space for people to interact. (Malay-Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, English)

Using the MMLS

  • Windows PCs (for foreign language learning), large screen monitors, various types of AV decks, viewing of overseas satellite programming, overseas videoconferencing.

Programs Available for Viewing

  • DW-TV (Germany)
  • TV5asai (France)
  • KNTV (Korea)
  • IPC (Latin America)
  • CNN (U.S.)
  • PHONIX CH (China)
  • NHK General TV (Japan)
  • NHK Educational TV (Japan)
  • NHKBS1 (Japan)
  • NHK BS Premium (Japan)
  • TV Kanagawa (Japan)
  • TV Tokyo (Japan)

Materials in the Stacks

  • Foreign language learning materials consisting mainly of AV materials such as DVDs, videos, CDs, books with audio material, and other audio and visual material related to languages
  • Newspapers, periodicals, dictionaries, and the like
  • Graded readers for foreign language learning
  • Foreign language proficiency examination exercise books

Notes on Use

  • There are no restrictions on the use of materials and facility equipment in MMLS, but uses for language learning will take precedence.
  • Books related to language learning can also be found on the third floor (call numbers in the 800's) and in the P-Books collection on the second floor. Foreign language newspapers and periodicals are available for viewing in the 2F Newspaper & Magazine Corner, and as electronic journals and newspaper databases. Please make use of these resources as well.
  • The room is sometimes used for displays showing activities of seminars related to foreign language, etc.
  • When you have a question, feel free to inquire at the Reference Desk.

About MMLS

Three Aspects of MMLS


1. A Multilingual World
Library (written material)

Books related to a wide variety of languages gathered in one place create a space for a multilingual experience.

2. New Learning
A place for independent and collaborative learning

An environment for independent and collaborative learning has been created by thinking about new learning spaces.

Integration of IT Educational Materials

A platform has been set up to integrate the abundance of educational materials at SFC and to enable visualization of foreign language learning using SFC IT resources.

3. Interaction with International Students
A place to interact with international students

In addition to holding events to promote interaction with international students from various countries, mini-lectures and such are offered to create a mutually beneficial learning environment for international and Japanese students.

Newspaper & Magazine Corner

Newspaper Corner

This corner carries the morning editions of Japan's major daily newspapers, as well as weekly magazines and other frequently used publications.

  • Asahi Shimbun
  • Mainichi Shimbun
  • Yomiuri Shinbun
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • Sankei Shimbun
  • Tokyo Shimbun
  • Kanagawa Shimbun
  • Jukusei Shimbun
Evening and previous day editions of the daily newspapers are kept on the adjacent newspaper shelves.
  • Shukan Asahi
  • Sunday Mainichi
  • Shukan Bunshun
  • Shukan Shincho
  • Shukan Kinyobi
kept for 6 months
Other Publications
  • Train timetables
kept for 3 months