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Floor 1F

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Open Area

The Open Area of the SFC Media Center provides equipment for a variety of uses, including workstation PCs, one-stop PCs, scanner PCs, and AV material listening/viewing/editing booths. Special outlets are also available for plugging laptop computers into the CNS network.

Please Note!
  • The Media Center only permits the editing of AV materials created by the user.
  • Take care not to infringe on copyrights when using TV broadcast images or commercial software.

Monitor Booths

There are two large-sized monitor booths for viewing AV materials(such as DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and so on).
Please give priority to use by three or more people.

The room on the left has a monitor with 4K resolution.

Creative Space

This space contains PC workstations equipped with music production hardware, keyboards, audio decks, and CD/DV editing decks.

New Arrival Books Corner

Books that have recently been added to the SFC Media Center collection are displayed in this corner for one week. Books on display may be checked out.