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Reserve Material

What are reserve materials? They are materials necessary for classes and seminars placed in a specified location in the Media Center for a specified period, at the request of faculty members. To ensure they are always available for use in the Media Center by students of the classes and seminars, these materials cannot be borrowed.

How to use (Written Material)

  • Written reserve materials are kept in a special collection on book shelves in the Reference Book section on the second floor.
  • Books are organized according to faculty member and class, and are free for perusal within the library .
  • Reserve material cannot be borrowed. Copies of the books are kept in the general collection (excluding some out-of-print material). If you wish to borrow material, take a copy from the general collection.

Be sure to return all material to its original place once you have finished using it.

How to use (Non-Written Material: Videos, DVD's, etc.)

  • Non-written reserve material such as videos, cassettes, CDs, MDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc., are kept at the Information Desk on the first floor.
  • Non-written reserve material cannot be borrowed, but can be used within the library upon application.
  • Present your student card and apply at the Information Desk on the first floor to use non-written reserve material.

Reserve Material Requests

Use the online Reserve Material Request Form, or apply directly at the Information Desk to reserve material.
S.A.s and T.A.s may request to reserve material on behalf of a faculty member.
Be sure to have the following information ready when submitting a Reserve Material Request:

  • Faculty member's name
  • Course name
  • Material publication details
  • Reservation period
  • Number of copies required

Material that can be purchased will also be added to the general collection.
Please consult with staff if the material you want cannot be purchased, as we also accept material from private collections.
Due to copyright laws, we cannot accept photocopies without the author's permission.